About The Artist

Creating luxury rings is a solo art project for Daniel Rosini. This venture had been under wraps for a little over a year before taking shape.

“It’s something that I’ve wanted to do after getting sucked into a love for rings back in 2015. Always looking, admiring, and researching but never took the leap… until mid-2017. I have been so engulfed in tattoo work that I have neglected other mediums. It’s not just tattooing that gives me a drive for art, there are other things. So, I grabbed a hold of one of those things and I am going full steam ahead.”

With over 25 years of art experience and years of machining experience, Daniel Rosini takes his creative development into the world of something he’s calling “Dark Luxury Jewelry” and makes his creations available to all by request only. Daniel has created the world’s first Human Bone Lume Hybrid. With careful planning and patience, he was able to bring such a handmade rarity to the industry in a most original way – Human bone you can now wear on the outside all with glowing accents. A most unique way in bringing some light into something so dark.

Ring maker and artist Daniel had initially started out creating bright and luminescent rings. It has been an amazing journey to work with and appreciate a variety of high-quality materials such as Damascus, Superconductor, Mokume-Gane, Stabilized Wood Hybrids, Titanium, and Carbon Fiber, just to name a few. With the Lume Ring industry becoming saturated, Daniel was constantly on a hunt for new material.

“There are so many talented ring makers out there.  Crazy designs being made on the daily. With so much competition in the art of ring-making, I needed to find a way to do something different.  Something uncommon.  So, I took the game, threw it away, and made my own.”

Scouring the internet to look for a game changer was a constant effort. Mid-June of 2018, Daniel’s hunt for a staple material came to fruition… and it was right in front of his face the entire time.

“Being a closet bone collector, it never even dawned on me to try to make a ring out of human bone. I mean, I’ve made rings out of mammoth teeth before, why not human bones? Ok, maybe it’s a bit morbid to some, but I don’t think of it in that sense. To give life again to something that is decaying with time is more than just an art in itself. A journey that most people look for. And to be an owner of such art, to give life again to something that was once dark, is rewarding to both the mind and soul. Why not put this experience into a wearable piece of jewelry? Think about it.”

So, it was time for Daniel Rosini to set himself apart from what is being done in today’s handmade ring industry! This is very exciting for both Daniel’s artistic portfolio and himself. There is finally a purpose and message that lays behind every ring made. This is his dream with creating rings, and this is the message Daniel Rosini wants to deliver to every client and owner of his ring art.