Graveyard - Human Bone Ring

$890.00 USD

  • Image of Graveyard - Human Bone Ring
  • Image of Graveyard - Human Bone Ring
  • Image of Graveyard - Human Bone Ring
  • Image of Graveyard - Human Bone Ring
  • Image of Graveyard - Human Bone Ring

Elements: Ifugao Trophy Skull | Tungsten Carbide Core | Cemetery Dirt | Coffin Nail | Beetle Remains | Spanish Moss | Lume

The darkest of all rings - The Graveyard. Fragments of a genuine 17th century Ifugao Trophy Skull was used in the creation of this masterpiece. To give a little history of the Ifuago, for centuries this indigenous tribe of the Cordilleras mountain region of the Philippines stalked their enemies both human and animal and lopped off their heads as a kind of trophy. These skull trophies brought respect and status to the hunter from his tribe. This status and respect is captured in a proper burial ground within every ring created. Adorned with spanish moss, dirt from a cemetery, fragments of a 17th century coffin nail, and a beetle from the grounds makes this the end all for dark rings. But as we know... From the dark, born is light. So of course I have to lay in my signature glow to this creation. Every single material used in this piece were fused together and suspended beautifully inside a tungsten carbide core. This is one of the hardest materials in existence and substantially harder than titanium, registering a 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness (compared to titanium’s score of 6). This Tungsten band was cut out in the center to brandish an entire arsenal of dark materials. Creating this ring with Tungsten was an idea the artist had to achieve the greatest durability and strength while obtaining a luxury look and feel.

Now that you have a good grasp of what makes the Graveyard ring so unique, take a closer look and realize the true value of this piece of art. Daniel only uses the highest quality of materials for this piece, hence it's a showstopper for sure! Also remember that every human bone ring comes with a glow and a purpose. Handmade by artist Daniel Rosini, to help bring some light back into the decaying darkness that it once was.

*** When ordering you MUST make sure to select your correct ring size! If you are unsure of your ring size please stop at a local jeweler and have them measure your finger to obtain your correct size. DO NOT MEASURE YOUR RING SIZE BY TRYING A DIY METHOD YOU FOUND ON GOOGLE, YOUR SIZE WILL MOST LIKELY BE INCORRECT! Daniel Rosini is not responsible for incorrect ring sizes. All sales are final!

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